Introduction to Systems on a Chip (SoCs)

Learn how to design the architecture and prototype and develop modern secure embedded systems.

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Topics Covered during this Course

  • Xilinx Zynq SoC Architecture
  • Designing custom AXI Wrappers for custom IP for use by processing elements
  • Baremetal C interfaces from ARM Cortex A-9 and Microblaze soft processors to custom IP
  • Custom cryptographic accelerator IP
  • Designing acceleration blocks using Vivado HLS
  • Overview of Linux interfaces to custom FPGA designs

Class Requirements

  • A Digilent Arty Z7-20 development board is recommended, but not required. You can purchase a Digilent Arty Z7-20 FPGA development board from Digilent directly, via Amazon.
Training by Josh Datko

Josh Datko is an embedded systems engineer, security researcher and former submarine officer. Josh is best known for his part in the NSA Playset, as well as his research into cryptocurrency wallets.

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