Advanced Security Training

Advanced Security Training offers the best online format for InfoSec trainings. Our state of the art Live Video Streaming Platform combined with our world-renowned trainers mean participants get the most interactive, high-quality trainings that are superior to in-person classes.

Upcoming Training Live Streams

Advanced Security Training is changing how Infosec trainings are delivered with our unique Training Live Stream format. We built our own state of the art Live Video Streaming Platform that is more like Twitch or YouTube, not Zoom. Our world-renowned trainers are not only subject matter experts in Hardware Security and Software Security, but well versed in Live Streaming and delivering interactive, high quality, high definition content that make our courses superior to in-person classes. Oh, and did we mention, you don’t have to fly to a desert if you don’t want to. Stay safe and participate in our Training Live Streams from any device.

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