Call for Proposals

Times have changed. Work from Home is here to stay. Unlike large event organizations, we're trainers ourselves, first and foremost. We know all the downsides of offering a training at conferences and we set out to create something superior for ourselves. That's why we built our own custom streaming platform just for delivering training the way it should be delivered.

Unlike conferences and events that have simply moved to online, we know what kind of support trainers actually need. This includes professional video equipment for recording and streaming your classes. Our trainers get support from our professional video editors. There is a stream director on staff to assist you with switching scenes and your camera setup during live events. We provide direct feedback and interaction with your course participants. We also offer content suggestions steered by customer feedback from our ever-growing list of subscribers. We will help you create content, not leave it all on you! If you've never done a training before, if you're technical and enjoy explaining technical content to colleagues, don't hesitate to apply. We can offer content for you to teach based on our subscriber feedback.

Each trainer will also have the opportunity to present some of their researchers and/or content during an organized broadcast of their topic. Trainers will will be offered a guest slot on the Advanced Security Podcast where they can present and explain their course content. Additionally, participants can use parts of the professionally recorded/edited material for their own personal marketing. We will also use some of the video content for paid social media advertising, which will help boost your social media profiles by getting your content out there.

What We Offer and They Don't

  • We utilize our own video streaming platform, which we built from the ground up for delivering the best training format ever offered
  • We provide professional video equipment, professional video editors and professional stream directors to support you live!
  • Our subscribers are engineering teams from leading tech companies around the globe
  • Revenue from recordings and not just live attendees
  • Best compensation in the industry — twice the profit of other leading conferences (70/30 profit split in favor of the trainer)
  • Guaranteed speaking slot and podcast guest slot for trainers
  • Payment within 7 days of the event
  • Train from home, our platform is so superior we don't plan to go back to conferences!

Average Registration Revenue Split