Dmitry Nedospasov

Dmitry Nedospasov is a hardware design and security engineer, security researcher, trainer, speaker and reverse-engineerer. In 2014 Dmitry received his PhD (Dr-Ing.) in IC Security at TU Berlin.

His academic research mostly focused on developing new and novel techniques for semi- and fully-invasive IC analysis and Physically Unclonable Functions (PUFs). Dmitry is also a member of the German Chaos Computer Club, or CCC.

Dmitry is renowned for his hardware reverse-engineering techniques and his unique hybrid hardware/software analysis workflow. He is experienced in analyzing anything ranging from electronics and embedded protocols to ICs at a gate and transistor level. He also has extensive experience in capturing, manipulating and emulating embedded protocols to bypass the security of embedded systems.

In 2016, Dmitry created Toothless Consulting, a consulting company focusing primarily on providing customers hardware security consulting and design services.

In 2019, after the success of the presentation at 35c3, Dmitry co-founded Keylabs Inc. a company focusing on services and solutions for blockchain security.