Dmitry Nedospasov

Dmitry Nedospasov is a hardware design and security engineer, security researcher, trainer, speaker and reverse-engineerer based in Dubai, UAE. Dmitry received his PhD in Hardware Security from TU Berlin in 2014.

Dmitry is renowned for his hardware reverse-engineering techniques and FPGA-based attacks against hardware and embedded systems. He is experienced in analyzing anything ranging from electronics and embedded protocols to ICs at a gate and transistor level. He also has extensive experience in capturing, replaying, injecting and emulating embedded protocols to bypass the security of embedded systems. Together with Josh Datko, Dmitry has been developing spearf1sh, an embedded linux distribution for hacking other hardware and embedded devices.

In 2019, after the success of the presentation at 35c3, Dmitry co-founded Keylabs Inc. a company focusing on services and solutions for blockchain security. In 2020, Dmitry started Advanced Security Training, a state of the art video streaming platform for delivering trainings remotely. Since 2019, Dmitry has been consulting individuals and companies attempting to recover cryptocurrency funds locked in their wallets. Dmitry has also been involved in consulting numerous companies in architecting and securing the storage of the cryptocurrency assets.