Automotive ECU Security and Exploitation

Learn how to reverse-engineer and exploit modern automotive Engine Control Units (ECUs).

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This course will cover modern relevant techniques for exploiting and bypassing secuirty on modern automotive ECUs. The course will detail several exploits that have been utilized in the wild to bypass the security on several modern vehicles.

Topics covered in this course

  • JTAG, OBD and automotive debug interfaces
  • Memory maps for automotive ECUs
  • Ghidra anlaysis of boot
  • Tricore/PowerPC
  • CPU architectures and ISM
  • Simos 18 and Bosch MEDC17/MG1
  • MEDC17 sboot
  • OBD Flashing of unisgned binaries
  • Lauterbach and high-end debugging tools
  • Cheap ECU debugging tools
Training by Nihal Otaal

Nihal is the Director of Tangent Motorsport LLP, a company focused on improving the performance of cars.

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