Advanced Car Hacking and Automotive Security

Learn how to exploit modern vehicles.

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Remote hardware will be available for all live participants. For participants taking this class at a later date, please get in touch with our support to reserve your remote hardware.

Participants are strongly encouraged to take the Introduction to Car Hacking and Automotive Security prior to taking this course.


Today's vehicles have multiple control modules that are linked via various types of networks. These networks have become pervasive and remain somewhat of an unknown in millions of vehicles on the road today.

This course will be both Lecture and Hands-On with an emphasis on student's ability to re-create course conditions after they have completed the course.

This course will take a deep dive, offering more example and assignments on the following topics and largely picking up where the Introduction to Car Hacking and Automotive Security course left off.

Assignments and Activities
  • Activity 1: Scanning for Diagnostic IDs

    • Using Bash/CAN Utils
    • Using Python
    • Using Bash/Scapy
    • Using Caring Caribou
  • Activity 2: Build an ISO 15765-2 Message – VIN Request

    • Using Bash/CAN Utils
    • Using Python
  • Activity 3: Scanning for Services

    • Using Python
    • Using Caring Caribou
  • Activity 4: Scanning for Subfunctions

    • Using Bash/CAN Utils
  • Activity 5: Using Services 11 – Reset ECU

    • Using Bash/CAN Utils
  • Activity 6: Using Services 27 – Security Access

    • Using Caring Caribou
  • Activity 7: Using Services 23 – Read Memory by Address

    • Using Python
    • Using Caring Caribou
  • Activity 8: Using Services 22/2E – Write Data By ID

    • Using Caring Caribou
  • Activity 9: Telematics: Scanning for Open Ports

    • Using nmap
Training by Robert Leale

Robert is a security researcher and expert in reverse engineering cryptographic algorithms, embedded software and vehicle network controls.

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