ChatGPT, AI & ML for Fun and Profit

Learn how to leverage ChatGPT, AI & ML for security research and Red Team engagements.

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Course Outline

ChatGPT and other forms of AI/ML are taking the InfoSec space by storm. This training will introduce many of the concepts and provide practical, hands-on assignments to introduce paritcipants to many of the basic concepts behind AI/ML when applied to InfoSec.

Topics Covered during this Course

  • Intro to Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Intro to Reinforcement Learning
  • Transformer Architecture
  • NLP in Offensive Security
  • NLP in Defensive Security
  • GPT3, OTP and Co
  • GPT3 code assistance
  • Copilot - Assisted coding in the IDE
  • GPT3 - On the command line
  • Intro to Python and Jupiter Notebooks
  • Google Colab workspaces
  • Hugging Face

    • Pipelines
    • Datasets
    • Models
    • Tokenizers
    • Evaluation
  • Fine-Tuning of pre-trained models
  • Sickit - Python learn library

Practical Assignments

  • Creating datasets
  • Processing datasets
  • Fine-tuning a model (training a model)
  • Model evaluation
  • Text Classification
  • Image Classification

    • Visualizing binaries
  • Finding embedded binaries
Training by Konstantin Mischev

Konstantin is an experienced Red Teamer leveraging AI & ML for his engagements.

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