Core Network Security

Gain knowledge on the risks and opportunities associated with intruding telecom core networks.

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In this course, participants will acquire the fundamentals of core networks to identify weaknesses during an internal penetration test or a red team attack from outside. The class is also suitable for operators looking to develop internal security measures by understanding attackers' techniques.

Day 1

This day will introduce the mobile network and its evolution, compare the security features of 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G, and delve into 2G-3G core network security and practical attacks using provided virtual machines. Participants will then proceed to explore 4G core network and attacks on DIAMETER.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to mobile networks (2G/3G/4G/5G)
  • Interfaces and protocols
  • Channels
  • Evolution
  • Interconnections between providers
  • Vectors of attacks inside and outside
  • SS7 / SIGTRAN attacks and possibilities
  • Current tools
  • Security mechanisms
  • 3G network pentesting and similarity with 2G
  • Interesting components in 3G
  • DIAMETER security
  • Tools to assess DIAMETER


  • SS7 / SIGTRAN scanning
  • Identifying interesting assets
  • Retrieving information and secrets of subscribers
  • Retrieving locations
  • Identifying external nodes (passively and actively) and attacking a node from outside
  • Playing with DIAMETER

Day 2

This day will focus on new infrastructures that we tend to see today and in the near future, such as Next-Generation Core Networks used in 5G. Participants will learn about the changes and new skills required to intrude a network using the used interfaces and explore opportunities that arise.

Topics Covered

  • 5G NSA and SA
  • New security mechanisms
  • Attacking NGC functions
  • Intruding the network from outside
  • The tools developed
  • Introduction to OpenRAN


  • Continuing 4G core network content
  • Exploiting an identity theft attack
  • Exploiting an SMS theft attack
  • Tracking the location of a subscriber
  • Finding new opportunities and attacking the UPF
  • Identifying and attacking VNFs (leaks, exploitation, etc.)
  • Hijacking a network
  • Bonus: Introduction to OpenRAN and attacking OpenRAN (depending on time)

By the end of the course, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of core network and telecom hacking and will be equipped with the necessary skills to defend against such attacks.

Training by Sébastien Dudek

Sébastien is a security researcher focusing on flaws in radio-communication systems. He has published attacks against mobile device baseband, Power-Line devices, as well as intercom systems.

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