Over the Air Red-Teaming with RF and SDR

Learn how to add Over The Air attacks to Red Team Engagements.

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Day 1

The first day will introduce you the challenges of doing Red team tests and why radio can unlock a lot of new opportunities during assessments.

During this day, we will focuses on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4 targets that could help us gaining accesses remotely:

  • Monitoring and capturing signal over-the-air;
  • Analyzing the signal;
  • Using the right tools at the right moment;
  • Attacking communications (injection, cracking, etc.)
  • etc.


  • Introduction on actual Wi-Fi setups, standards, and common attacks
  • Introduction to Bluetooth 4 and its security
  • Some more insights on Bluetooth 5

Assignment 1

  • Monitoring Wi-Fi
  • Capturing Wi-Fi packets
  • Analysis

Assignment 2

  • Attacks in WEP, WPA/WPA2
  • Study the case of WPA3

Assignment 3

  • The case of open networks
  • Steal secrets with rogue AP
  • Introduction to stack prococol vulnebabilities

Assignment 4

  • Monitor and discover BLE devices
  • Interacting with BLE targets
  • Man-In-The-Middle

Day 2

The second day will show how to mix physical intrusion with radio attacks to get a permanent access to targets by challenging physical intrusion systems, but also turning some devices into implants or using specific implants.


  • Introduction to RFID security
  • Introduction to nRF devices and the use implants

Assignment 1

  • Attacking ID systems, or weak and common intrusion system setups
  • Challenging other identification systems

Assignment 2

  • Actual MIFARE classic attacks
  • Attacks on MIFARE Ultralight
  • Analysing and crafting dumps
  • Challenging other authentification systems

Assignment 3

  • Detecting vulnerable nRF based devices
  • Turning nRF devices into implants

Assignment 4

  • Using specific USB implants


Students will need to purchase the following to follow along with all the parts of the hands on assignments. Students can complete the hands-on assignments at a later date with access to the recordings of the live class.

Training by Sébastien Dudek

Sébastien is a security researcher focusing on flaws in radio-communication systems. He has published attacks against mobile device baseband, Power-Line devices, as well as intercom systems.

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