Introducing Live Online Classes

Dmitry Nedospasov
March 24, 2020

2020 has been a crazy year so far. Travel bans and other restrictions have kept many of us working from home. Over at Advanced Security we’ve been working on a new platform and a new format for delivering our world-renowned classes live, digitally and remotely. Not only does this mean we can offer more classes, it allows us to be more flexible and efficient and as a result, pass the savings on to our trainees. Here are just some of the advantages:

  • 100% Live. 100% Online. No travel is required, but we also don’t want to compromise on the experience or quality. We make all the materials available to you online and ship any additional materials you might need directly to you. This includes hardware kits for our hands-on hardware courses.
  • Less overhead means we can provide smaller class sizes. This also means we can offer classes in different timezones. Smaller class sizes also mean there will be more time for you to ask questions.
  • Recordings of the live sessions are immediately available, allowing you to re-watch any material taught during the day at the end of the day. Or re-watch a course once a session has concluded..
  • Individual one-on-one support with the instructor. Our online platform is different. We’ve been working hard to replicate all the advantages of offline classes at a regular venue, while adding new ones as well.
  • Utilizes the latest web technology. Meaning you can participate from any device, from anywhere, all you need is an internet connection. Even your smartphone will do.
  • New classes where we’re able to offer what we’ve never been able to offer before. Our classes utilize the latest in professional video equipment to offer unrivaled depth into the course material. View the PCB with us through the camera in our microscope. See what we're seeing on the oscilloscope.
  • Flexible private trainings for companies. Want to get your whole team trained? Just get in touch with us:

The first courses that will take place will be:

Sometimes change is forced onto you, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing! With our new format we’ll be delivering new courses that we’ve never offered before in addition to the courses we’re already best known for.

We are excited!

The Advanced Security Training Team

About the Author

Dmitry Nedospasov

Dmitry is a hardware hacker, hardware design engineer, security researcher, speaker, and reverse-engineerer. Dmitry did his PhD in the field of IC security and PUFs.